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Our Policies

Here For You

All our new consignors will sign a contract and open an account with us. We charge a one-time fee of $15 cash or $18 credit card to open an account. We are looking for high end luxury/vintage items. Please limit your consignments to 5 of your best items to start. Theirs a $5 steam charge for any wrinkle items. You can only bring in more items after you receive an email notifying you that your previous items have been sold. We only hold items up 60 days and after 30 days items go for sale prices.
Great quality. No stains. No rips. No smells. Laundered or freshly cleaned. WRINKLE free  No pilled, shrunken or altered clothing. Items that smell of cigarette smoke will not be accepted. Once you've purchased your items theirs NO REFUNDS/NO EXCHANGES.

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